The 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension

Call for Abstracts

The 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension (JSH2019) will be calling for abstracts for free communications.

Abstract submission will be available before April 26, 2019.
                      May 10, 2019
                      May 20, 2019
                      May 21,2019
                Call for abstracts is finished.

Abstracts and presentation should be in English.

The following abstracts are welcomed to apply.


Research report

   01. Basic
   02. Clinical
   03. Epidemiology

Case report

Healthcare professional

Presentation style

Oral presentation

Poster presentation

* Note that the final presentation style will be decided by the President of the Annual Meeting.

How to prepare the abstracts:

  • Use the designated Abstract Form. ➡ Abstract Form DL
  • Abstract body should be 400 words or less while the title of abstract within 20 words.
  • The number of authors should be 15 or less including the first author while the number of institutions 10 or less.
  • One figure or table can be used. Figure or table should correspond to 80 words.
  • All authors (first author and co-authors) are required to disclose any financial relationship (within the past 36 months) with biotechnology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies or other commercial entities that have the interest in the subject matter or materials discussed in the abstract. The matters requiring disclosure are as below.
    • Employment/leadership position/advisory role (1,000,000 yen*/year or more)
    • Stock ownership or options (Profit of 1,000,000 yen/year or more/ownership of 5% or more of total shares)
    • Patent royalties/licensing fees (1,000,000 yen/year or more)
    • Honoraria (e.g. lecture fees) and fees for promotional materials (e.g. manuscript fee) (500,000 yen/year or more)
    • Research funding (5,000,000 yen/yr or more)
    • Scholarship or donation (1,000,000 yen/yr or more)
    • Endowed departments by commercial entities
    • Others (e.g. trips, travel, or gifts which are not related to research) (50,000 yen/year or more)

Send the complete abstract (File name should be the name of first author; ex. Ishimitsu T.docx) to the Secretariat (

The result of the evaluation will be announced by e-mail before the end of June, 2019.


     Contact & Inquiry:  Secretariat for the JSH2019 (